Friday 29 July 2016

Wood Grain Texture...

I've been having a lot of fun creating a woodgrain texture for my chalkboard which we're making at the Craft Barn on August 20th.:

I'll post more as I make it!

Thanks for looking!

PS Take note - it crackled!

Tuesday 19 July 2016

And some more...

Told you I liked working in miniature!

This is a bookmark using a large paperclip painted gold and some Stampbord:

It fixes to the top of the page like this:

And this is another brooch using a picture from the People and Places book and two of the metal corners form the Must Haves section - if you haven't visited this section on their website, it's well worth doing so as they have some really great bits and pieces.

Hop on over to the Crafty Individuals blog to see more fabulous ideas.

Thanks for looking!


Friday 15 July 2016

Teeny, tiny cards....

Here are some teeny cards that I made for the Crafty Individuals 'Mini Masterpieces' Challenge, all made from the one stamp CI-452:

and a kilt pin:

For this I've stamped on the metal star using one of the doilies from CI-426 and then stamped script on the letters 'art' on Shrink plastic.

Thanks for looking!


Monday 11 July 2016

Have I had fun with this one!

Alice in Wonderland eat your heart out:

This is what we're going to be making at the next Inky Fingers on Wednesday 20 July. It uses a board canvas, Deep Red Rubber stamps and some Bo Bunny papers.

Thanks for looking!


PS We're starting up a new club at The Craft Barn in January 2017 - The Whole Kit and Kaboodle Club. It will be on a set Saturday each month:
Each month you will have the chance to make a fab 3D project which will come in kit form for you to assemble and decorate. together with full instrctions so you can replicate projects. Phone them up for details as they're starting a waiting list - 07958 569279

Saturday 9 July 2016

Yupo in all its glory!

I'm getting out the Yupo again this time up at That's Crafty! next Saturday 16 July.
We're going to be trying out loads of techniques and then making up 5 large tags with your favourites and Carabelle Studio stamps.
Here are some examples:

Come and have a go!

Thanks for looking!


Tuesday 5 July 2016

No art room....

at the mo, so it's just as well I'm working in miniature!

My artroom (or what used to be the conservatory) is being rebuilt at the mo (rebuilt before it fell down - things were growing through the walls!) so all my mountains of stuff are piled up in the dining room. Theoretically I was going to work in there but as I only have about 6 inches square space and have to practically climb over everything to get anywhere it's proving impossible.

Luckily the Challenge over on the Crafty Individuals blog is art in miniature or 'Mini Masterpieces'(one of my favourite things) and I'd already made some, so here goes:

Here's a brooch made from a pendant frame:

And an inchie mini book with Stampbord covers:

Thanks for looking!