Thursday, 26 July 2012

TAP try outs!

Jean from Crafty Individuals was demoing this stuff (Transfer Artist Paper) at the Craft Barn Extravaganza and she said how great it was, and I have to agree!
I got some from the Craft Barn this last weekend and have been experimenting with different colouring media to see what happens. The stamps are from Crafty Individuals.
In this first pic I've stamped straight onto the TAP and then coloured in:

The little white patches are where I've coloured too hard and taken away a little bit of the surface.
This second lot are where I've coloured onto the TAP and  then stamped over the top:

If I'd thought logically, I'd have realised that the paint one at the end wouldn't work as I'd used the opaque colours. Must try it with some of the PaperArtsy Fresco translucent colours.

These birds are another try out (forgot to label them so can't remember exactly what I used!)

This last has to be my favourite. I've put the Fresco paint on the calico, stamped the bird onto TAP and coloured with Distress Markers. This way, the transfer goes over the paint beautifully and you get another layer of colour:

Why have I been trying all this out you might ask? Well, I've got an all day class coming up at the Craft Barn where we're going to decorate a cotton bag using Tap, Crafty Individuals stamps and whatever else I fancy! It's on September 16th, a Sunday this time, and I can't wait - this stuff is really addictive!

Thanks for looking!



Karen said...

I have been having some fun with this too Helen & can see loads of possibilities. I am liking what you have done with the calico :D x

Anonymous said...

Fab results Helen! Love the last one, great idea!
Alison xx

Sid said...

Looks fab ....... must try it out !!

annemarks said...

That looks like fun I am going to sign up for the class :)