Sunday, 9 August 2015

A little bit late....

Sorry, I meant to post this before I went away, but time got the better of me! This was what we were doing in our last Inky Fingers Club session at The Craft Barn:

We were making our own stencils using hand cutting, die cutting, punches etc. and then decorated a canvas board with Brushos, tissue paper, gesso and more.

I just had to show you the canvases that everyone made as they really were fantastic - all different, all their own interpretation. These are they, in various stages - the first two are starting by laying down the Brushos:

The rest are further along:

The next Inky Fingers is on Wednesday 26 August and we're going to be doing 'Miniature Art', so if you want to come along just contact The Craft Barn.

Thanks for loking!


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Julia said...

Interesting canvases Helen. I've not tried Brushos on canvas, the shot of the lovely drippy Brushos is making me want to try.