Saturday, 16 April 2016

Grunge Paste and Infusions.....

Yes, you can colour your Grunge Paste with your Infusions with interesting results.
Just mix some of the powder into the Grunge Paste and then stencil with it.

This is Sunset Beach that I'm using:

Or you can try this : Alison Hall was demoing this technique at Ally Pally last week. She was using a different medium but I thought it would work well with GP and it does, so thanks Alison.
Sprinkle some Infusions onto card and place stencil over top:

Then scrape through the Grunge Paste picking up the powder as you go:

It gives a lovely variegated effect:

You can also try this: Grunge Paste your stencil as normal and let dry. Replace the stencil over the top and sprinkle on some Infusions: 

Then spritz:

You get a bit of a messy result but interesting texture. You could then colour the background with the Infusions or cut out the stencilled flower to disguise the messy bits:

If you blot it before removing the stencil it's a bit more controlled: 

You could also use a wet brush to activate the powder and paint your Grunge Paste. Let the paste dry, replace the stencil and shake over some Infusions:

then paint over with a brush:

You can be a bit more careful than I was - you should be able to paint without any blobs round the edges ( I was standing up behind the tripod at the time!)

So there we go - Grunge Paste and Infusions.

Thanks for looking!


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Helen said...

Interestingly I tried this the other day, haven't got anything finished with it yet - love your flower!