Saturday, 9 January 2010

All things bright...

You know how I love bright colours... well combine them with Stampbord and I was well away!
Glenda sent me the new Elusive Images Patchwork Butterfly plate to play with:

so I combined it with Stampbord and some of the Brights Alcohol inks to create some 2 x 2 inch tiles. In fact I only used the large flower stamp for these, stamping a slightly different part each time, then adding gems and Diamond Glaze.
Each single tile looked like this:

And they're designed to hang as a set like this:

Thanks for looking!


PS You'll be pleased to know I remembered to cover the back this time, only as you can't see it anyway, I suppose it doesn't matter!


Fliss said...

Lovely work Helen, the colours and textures are beautiful. Gorgeous set of stamps too.
Loved your stamping on glass in CS too. Good tips on the stamps to use too as I've tried it before and it really does slip!!!
Hope you're keeping warm in the big chill.

craftimamma said...

Hope you are nice and snug Helen.

Aren't these stamps fabulous? I just inked up the huge butterfly just before I came on here. I left it to dry before I start colouring.

I love these Stampbord tiles. Lovely colours you've chosen and like Fliss I thoroughly enjoyed your stamping on glass article in CS. So much so that I bought a cheap square vase to have a go on very soon.

Lesley Xx

Helen said...

I hope you have fun stamping on the glass. Tell you what, one of those butterflies would work really well - nice open design for colouring in.

Unknown said...

I love these tiles ... I got the brights for Chrimbo ... have n't tried them yet ... but if mine look half as good as yours ... I shall be a happy bunny!

judith@poppy cottage said...

I love these little tiles you've made Helen, in my favourite colour too! I love this whole set of stamps, the big butterfly is my favourite, and I've yet to use the flower stamp, but you are tempting me. I always love your articles in CS, as they are so full of colour. I might have to have a go at these little tile as they are so eye-catching, Judith x

Anonymous said...

Love these tiles and I've seen them up close and personal, because they were sent to ME - yay!! They're going on our stand in America so hopefully they'll be admired by thousands of people. Thanks again Helen, the yellow bird ones are just as gorgeous ...


Anonymous said...

Helen, they are stunning. I was reading article in this months CS too - thanks for all the tips. May just have a go now - wasn't too succesful last time!! S xx