Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dancing Tag and a new look blog!

(Click on post to see it all!)

Don't laugh! I was playing around with the new blogger stuff and of course pressed the wrong button and lost my other template altogether! To be fair I was getting a bit fed up with it and actually quite like the look of this new dynamic stuff, but I'll have to see if it does what I want it to.
You seem to be able to view the same post in all sorts of formats - I like the Magazine view and am going to try to set it to come up as that, but don't hold your breath, it'll probably decide to do something completely different!
I don't know about you, but it takes me hours to sort out anything like this and I'm starting to go boggle eyed so it'll just have to do for now!

Anyway am going to post a pic of a tag I made using the Dance Card stamp from Crafty Individuals CI-346:

I had the sewing machine out, so have added stitching, MME papers, ribbon and lace.

Thanks for looking!



Sid said...

Lovely tag Helen !!

Joanna Wiƛniewska said...

Very pretty tag. I like the new look of the blog :)

Michelle Webb said...

It's certainly a different design page. I think I like it, I can certainly see more of your posts, which is a good thing. But its more clicks to be able to leave you a comment, and not always intuitive to work out how to do it. However, I think I like it this way though. I love your tag, its really nice Victorian vintagy. love it. Michelle x