Thursday, 12 May 2016

PaperArtsy Infusions and a little bit of Imagination....

Crafts that is - I've used some of their Art Stamps in the projects for next week's class at The Craft Barn.
The Infusions powders from PaperArtsy are just fantastic - we're going to make a selection of art pieces as well as having a play.
Here are a couple of them - I'll post more tomorrow:

Places are now limited so if you want to join in you need to book now.

Thanks for looking!


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experiments in paper said...

Helen - I absolutely love your work with infusions..... how do you keep the colors so clear yet blended? I can see your walnut bits, but unlike mine, they are not bleeding everywhere, turning it all to grey! I so wish I could take your class on these - but it is a rather long commute from the states, alas! I am working with some of the darker colors (Sage and Violet), so that might be a bit of the trouble. I start with a light mist, but don't like the speckles, to then add more water - which leads to the muddle effect.

Thank your for any light you can shed!
Lynn Price
New Haven, CT