Saturday, 31 August 2013

How did those meadows grow?

Well, having built up all my Crafty Individuals meadows, I finally managed to finish them off today. I find this sort of card quite tricky as you don't want to cover up too much of the stamping, yet I wanted to do something!
Here's how they ended up.
The blue card:

ended up like this:


For this card:

I went for a more Autumnal feel:

This one:

I put on green scrapbooking paper. (Wasn't planning on green but it seemed to work):

And finally, the swooshy one:

went onto some bluey/purple stamped scrapbook paper:

It started off with a single delicate border, then I decided to add some more (you know me!), I stamped in the wrong place so made it a lot more random! That'll teach me!

So in the end,  four very different meadows grew! Just as well we're not talking about real gardening here, as they'd have all died aff!

Thanks for looking!


1 comment:

Sid said...

Great 'Growth' indeed ! Super layers !