Sunday, 25 August 2013

Meadow Grasses...

Among the new stamps from Crafty Individuals I was really pleased to see the Elements set CI-395 called 'Build a Meadow' :
          Crafty Individuals CI-395 - 'Build a Meadow' Art Rubber Stamps, 137mm x 96mm
It's got a great mixture of tall and short plants, solid images, open images. You can also bend the stalks on your block to get them facing both ways.
Having these as individual stamps means you can do just as the title suggests, build a meadow, which happens to be something I love doing.
Here's how I stamp my meadow, using glossy card and StazOn Jet Black.
First stamp tallish plants to frame the picture:

Add a couple of open daisies:

Balance out on the left with some nice silhouette plants:

Add these delicate, open flowers (some of my favourites) and start to build up the side:

Next add a tall, solid leaf - a good filler:

Then this open flower seed head, again bending both ways on block and climbing the sides:


Then the open grass stalk in the background:

Add a couple of these line drawn flowers:

Finish the meadow with some solid flowers towards the bottom:

And then add your focal point in the sky:

And there you go! You can build up as much depth as you want! It doesn't matter if some of the stalks don't reach the ground as by the time you've finished, you won't notice.
In my next post I'll show you different ways I've used this technique.

Thanks for looking!



Sid said...

Looks super !!

Dawn said...

Fab post Helen, thank-you sweetie. Lol I always get a bit lost trying to build scenes with stamps but you have made it a little less 'scary' ha ha, I really must try again!!
Hugs x

Jean Hardy said...

What a beautiful meadow Helen - so full of life. Jean x