Friday, 16 August 2013


As it's the holidays and I've got a bit more time, I've been having another play with my Ink Effects Transfer Paints by DecoArt.
These paints are so easy to use!
Paint your design on some copy paper (the colour of the ink is slightly different on paper to when it's transferred - you go by the colour on the lid):

Let it dry for about 45 minutes and then iron it onto material:

which I made up into a cushion:

Because I wanted a fairly sketchy look, the painting doesn't have to be perfect - I've gone round the design and added extra details with a permanent black pen. I've also added sketched leaves to finish it off (not pea pods as my OH said!). 
The cushion itself is a very basic envelope design, and when I say basic, I mean basic - no zips, no buttons, no frills! 
I transferred the images onto one piece of material, cut round close to the edge and then Bondawebbed and stitched it on. If your design goes wrong, you haven't then wasted a whole cushion cover!

Thanks for looking!



Jean Hardy said...

Fab cushion Helen - love the soft colours! Jean x

Unknown said...

HI Helen, Pleased to see you've done this post as despite asking you several times about the paint I'd still forgotten by the time I got home!! You already know how much I love this cushion (and my Helen Chilton original card)- thank you. Are you going to let anyone lean against it on the sofa?! It's been nice seeing all your posts this summer, it's a shame you have to go back to 'school' in a couple of weeks!! x

Karen said...

this is one lovely cushion Helen! Peapods indeed hahaha! As a fabric user I can see real potential with this paint :D xxx