Saturday, 21 February 2009

Trade show tales

Well, I'm back from the Trade show at the NEC where I was helping on the Elusive Images stand. The team are fantastic to work with and always make me feel very welcome, so thankyou Glenda, Adrian, Lynn, Judith, Emma, Carrie and Annette! We were nicknamed the GLOGGS - you'll have to work out what it stands for as in all the excitement, I've forgotten! I know we had a good laugh about it.
I got to help Glenda teach her 3 workshops on the Saturday which was great fun.I've never really done much workshop teaching so it was great for me to see an expert at work. Glenda assures me I'd do okay if I was let loose on an unsuspecting public! I met loads of new people, some of whose business names I recognised and also people I'd met from last year. Hi everyone!
Meanwhile the others put up the stand which looked fantastic with all the artwork and new products. After that, it was a case of meet and greet and get to talk about all my favourite products for three days! I'd nearly lost my voice by the end of it.
Can you believe it, I didn't take a single photo - too busy telling other people they couldn't take photos!! I won't tell you who I said that to (in the nicest possible way, of course) but let's just say they were a very well known person in the industry and Glenda had to step in quickly! I did think they looked rather familiar!! Me and my big feet! What with that and the trials and tribulations of the zapper, I'm surprised they put up with me! If you want to see some photos of the stand, the artwork and the GLOGGS, go on over to Glenda's blog and have a look.




judithw said...

Hi Helen
We really enjoyed your company at the Trade Show. Glenda asked why my name was showing on the stats for the zapper, (think it was on there 6 times) may have been the practice sessions!
Take care - Judith

acrylik said...

It was wonderful to see you, Helen, really enjoyed my time down at the NEC. Hopefully see you again soon! Carrie