Thursday, 16 August 2012

TAP bag

Yes, I am still here! I've just been away for a week to Holland and then we've had computer problems.
Anyway, thought I'd show you the first pic of the bag I'm decorating with the TAP paper:

This is for my class at the Craft Barn on Sunday 16 September. We're going to decorate a cotton bag using Crafty Individuals stamps and TAP, which is all wonderful stuff! At the mo, this is a work in progress, (ie. not finished!!!)
If you want to come along and have a go then just phone the Craft Barn.

Thanks for looking!



Daniele said...

this looks wonderful Helen, haven't used it yet but I'm planning on
have a great time at the Craft Barn

Karen said...

Oh I am so loving this TAP Helen and am having a great time with it too!!! Your bag is going to be gorgeous! Have fun at the Craft Barn x

Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous Helen...I love how you outlined the swirls with blue!

Jean Hardy said...

Nice bag Helen - wish I could be there. Enjoy all!

Susan said...

I'm really looking forward to the class, Helen. Can we use the zipped bag from the Craft Barn if we have one? Sue.