Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Very messy...

Had a lovely time at Stamperama with That's Crafty and made a lovely mess.

In fact I was messy even before the show opened as I was a bit enthusiastic squeezing the Pebeo black gesso (to die for!) and managed to get it all up my arms. Went to clean up but the doors had opened, everyone was streaming in so had to hurry back to my post! You'll be pleased to know that it's all now washed off - oh no, wait a mo, still a bit going up my arm with some dabs of the Pebeo iridescent paint (also to die for!) red, green and blue!

Here are a few more of the samples I made:

That first one would probably be a good one to hang on my art room door!

Thanks for looking!


Helen said...

it was great to see you again on Sunday, covered in paint and having so much fun with those lush paints! can't wait to play.

Lauren Hatwell said...

I was thinking it would look wayyyy better on MY craft room door (wink!). Lovely to see you and your painty apron on Sunday. I laughed all the way home about that. A work of art on it's own. Lx