Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Old book design....

I've been having a little play with some old books for my next Inky Fingers Class at The Craft Barn and this is what I came up with: the first is a tree with cover as a background:

and the second is a freestanding angel:

I've never tried this before but the folding is very easy and surprisingly quick.
I thought I'd post it here as the group weren't at all sure about this project (don't think they could visualize what I was on about!) Obviously the colours are all variable - it'd be nice to make a sort of woodland tree as well - getting carried away now!

If you fancy joining us and having a go follow the link above.

Thanks for looking!



Joan said...

Oh Wow ! I just love that Angel, wish I was near enough to join your class

Helen said...

They both look stunning, I love them!! I have been meaning to do one of these for I don't know how long! Hope now they've seen them, the ladies will get it and have great fun!

Jean Hardy said...

Adorable Angel Helen - Love it! Jean x