Monday, 1 September 2008

Time is of the essence

We've had a busy weekend helping our two eldest move, one into a flat (they're all unfurnished down here) and one back to Uni for his second year. That's the first time I've been able to get into his room for about 3 months! Now I'm not the world's greatest housewife but that's a long time even for me! I kept opening the door and shutting it again quickly! It all seems rather quiet now, especially for my youngest who's 12 and complains about being stuck with the old fogeys!
Talking of time reminded me of a pendant I made out of stampbord using a sundial:
This comes from the Oxford Impressions plate - Castle Keep available from
LB Crafts (if they're not actually on the site just contact Linda). This plate's has got some great stamps on it. The sundial is so detailed you can really etch into it to bring out the highlights:
The tiny text on the crown and the corners is a great size for stampbord. Even the face in the middle comes from one of the ladies on the plate. I added fixings that I got from a cheap belt that I took apart and mounted it onto coordinating cardstock:
I love working on small pieces like this as you can pack so much into a 2 inch square! Clock faces are another great image to use - I did have one using an old watch from Elusive Images but I don't know where I've put it - perhaps I'll make another!


PS. My domino tin is progressing nicely but you'll have to wait until the stamps are launched before I put it up here!!


Linda Elbourne said...

I came back for the domino tin ... but this was equally as exciting ... a stunning piece Helen ... I love the colours, the stamps ... in fact, everything about it!

InkyArtitude said...

A wonderful piece Helen, I love what you do with Stampbord. You are also an accomplished shopper... those belt 'bits' are fab!

artyfartykat said...

Hi Helen, I've found you at last!!
I'm so pleased you have started a blog so I can pinch your ideas! I'm joking, but you are one of the most inspiring artists I have ever met.You have fab ideas and I always love your use of colour.
The Stampbord piece is gorgeous and I agree with Lynn about your shopping ability!!
My blogs very erratic(bit like me!), but keep in touch, I can't find your e-mail since we changed PCs, but I will get sorted!!

Annette Lee said...

Hi Helen
There's a surprise for you over on my blog www.forblogsake-innov8
to celebrate all these innovative pieces of artwork