Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Go with flow - it's Festival time!

Well I've just got back from taking my son and 3 of his friends to Reading for Reading Festival (the highlight of his year!). I dumped - sorry dropped! - them at the garage at the corner of the site along with loads of other parents doing the same thing - it's always a bit manic. We had to go back to 2 of their houses before even leaving Worthing as 2 of them had forgotten vital stuff (James was one of them!) Then I nearly reversed over their keg of beer as I left, as they'd left it just behind the car!
James enjoyed his birthday - he described it as a Festival sandwich - going to Reading today and then he and Vikki (our eldest), who's 21, took out youngest, Katie (12), to V at Chelmsford on Saturday! Her first festival and Muse were playing!They had a great time.

Haven't had much time to get in my art room, needless to say. Have got a couple more storage photos though. Lynn commented how well organized I was - not true - it's a case of necessity or else everything disappears into the black hole! This next idea I pinched from her - thanks Lynn! - storing the UM stamps in plastic document boxes. You can get 2 full sets in each and I've also added a sheet of card with the index sheet on the inside.

These are Elusive Images Snow is Falling...
I then moved all my inkpads into seed trays.

I couldn't resist stamping these BLine Designs (available in the UK from L. B. Crafts) onto Stampbord - they come as a set and just seemed to cry out for 2 inch Stampbord squares.

Usually I colour the Stampbord first, but this time I haven't so I'll be interested to see how these turn out. What colours shall I choose - that's the exciting bit isn't it? You'll have to wait and see!
However I can't leave you without a little colour! I made these ATCs a while back after a project I'd done with Impression Obsession stamps. The papers are from one of the Artylicious CDs. They say exactly what I feel!



Chris said...

Looks like I'm off to the local garden centre tomorrow for some seed trays. lol Brilliant idea. I'm an ink pad collector - if I like a brand then I have to have all the colours!

Love the colours on your ATCs, really bright and cheerful on this dismal day.

Helen said...

I got these from B&Q and they're slightly longer than some others (approx. 38 x 23cm) and they hold 3 layers of 10 Adirondack/ Stazon size inkpads without coming over the top. The only inkpads they don't really fit are the Paintbox type ones that are too big to go in sideways!
If you get the inserts as well (different sorts) they're great fot alcohol inks/stickles etc. or the insert with 5 sections is great for pens.
Reading this back I realize I'm a storage geek!!!! Fun though!

InkyArtitude said...

Oooooo! I do like those B-Line Design stamps Helen, can't say I've seen them on Linda's website. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they come out once you've added 'A Splash of Colour'! The ATC's are really eye-catching.
Like Chris, I'm an ink junky too and can't ever have just a few of a range.... I will always want to use the colours I didn't get, so I just get them all!!!

acrylik said...

I always love seeing how people have their stash organised, thanks for sharing those pics.

Love those BLine stamps, can't wait to see how your Stampbord pieces progress.