Sunday, 17 August 2008

Put your sunglasses on!

I told you I liked colour! It'll certainly wake you up in the morning!

I was going to send you this Glenda but decided to put it on here as a thank you to you all for your help with the blog - note I've got my links going!

I've deliberately chosen hot, spicy (and clashing!) colours for this elephant tile to conjure up the flavours of the East.
The stamps are from the Paisley Elephant UM theme plate by Elusive Images. I've stamped straight onto a white bathroom tile with black Stazon. It's definitely worth having an extra tile to practise on as it can be a bit slippery and if you press too hard you can smudge it. However the good thing is if you make a mistake it's easy to clean up with a baby wipe! (I'm not telling you how many baby wipes I used!)
Once you've got in the swing of it, just keep going 'til you've got all the basic stamping done. Touch up any broken lines with a fine black permanent pen.
I then just painted it with Anita's glass paints and Porcelaine paints that I had.
I've sealed it with a spray varnish.


veronica said...

lovely idea -nice and bright to cheer up a dull evening! Never thought of stamping on a tile.....must have a few spares somewhere.........

Chris said...

Wow sunglasses are sure required here! Love it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Zing-a-ling! You are a master of colour Helen, that's gorgeous.