Friday, 22 August 2008

Lady in Red... well, pastel colours, maybe!

I've started colouring these BLine Design ladies and I've chosen fairly pastel colours - some of the new Memento inkpads.
I began by dabbing it on with a cotton bud, but then just rubbed the inkpad over it. I discovered the exact same designs but in a 1 inch size and used those to create a black and white frame. the corner designs are stamped on 1 inch Stampbord squares, but taken from the larger stamps. This next image is a close up of my favourite lady I made a background frame for her, this time roughly inking them with the same colours as the central square. I haven't actually done any work on the stampbord itself - I might, I might not, don't know yet!

For those of you who are a bit of an organizational geek like me, here's a photo of how I store pens, brushes etc. (Courtesy of Ikea!)

The idea was to clear my work surface a bit so that I had more than a 6 inch square to work in, but I didn't really succeed! I've discovered I just spread to fill the space!

I'm off Wales for a few days now, so no blogging for a few days!


Happy Daze said...

Oh how true that work spreads to fill the work space! No matter how organised I try to be and how many new and (I think) clever was I come up with to store I a) always end up with everything out on the work desk whatever project I am on and 3) as I craft in my home office, which is actually my main work base for my real job, I never have enough room to store things anyway. Heaven help me if I drop anything as Minnie one of the dogs has worked her way through rubber stamps, a whole plastic tub of brads, an ink pad and yards of ribbon. Not chewed actually eaten!.

There is a blog entirely dedicated to craft storage at and it is well worth a visit if you have not come across it yet.

The ladies look lovely the colours appear both subtle and intense at the same time which is quite an amazing contradiction.


craftimamma said...

I love the ladies Helen and the ATCs in your previous post a lovely, so vibrant.

I haven't been to Ikea in ages, but definitely feel a visit coming on and B&Q's just down the road. Hmmm!

Enjoy Wales.


Phree said...

Your pastel ladies are beautiful, and your workspace - it looks just like mine! Everything everywhere, stained kitchen towel, offcuts of paper and card, inkpads, etc. I never ever seem to manage to keep it even vaguely tidy for more than a few minutes - it gives me hope when I see others are just as messy as me, but they still manage to create wonderful things

Horners Corner said...

Lovely blog and i love all your neat storage ideas.

Flissy said...

Lovely ladies - the soft colours really make them pop. I am also a big fan of B Line and have spent many a happy hour in LB Crafts.

And also have to say that I loved the project im Craft Stamper.


Helen said...

I wish I was near enough to spend hours at LB Crafts! I see them at shows occasionally and love their stuff. I'm going to be doing a project for Craft Stamper using BLine stamps - it should be in sometime next year, hopefully about spring.
I get my Oxford Impressiong stamps from there as well.
Do you get the impression I'm a stampaholic?!!!

Kaz Scrapz said...

Love your pastel ladies Helen. I am the same with my desk as well - I clear a large area and always intend to keep it clear but it ends up covered in bits of paper, card, stamps and inkpads in less than 5 minutes LOL.